Closing Costs

As a first home buyer, you are lucky, your closing costs are minimal. First off, your realtor is free to you when you are buying. Your mortgage broker is also free to you, at all times. If your broker tries to charge you, get a new broker!

Closing Cost Budget: - Lawyer / Notary - $1,200 - $1,500 - Inspection - $400 - Appraisal - $250 - $300 - Property Transfer tax - 1% on first 200K, 2 % on remainder (exemptions for first home buyers, please see benefits section) - New Construction - Additional tax costs (GST), please speak with a lawyer about this - Moving Costs - A case of beer to friends or $10,000 for luxury movers - Share of Property Tax - Dictated by the time of the year you take possession and the annual property tax cost

Always be prepared to show your lender that you have 1.5% of the purchase price "available" for potential closing costs.